The world of streaming presents audiences with so much choice that it’s becoming increasingly impossible to check out everything you want to.

The aim of the game is to be selective and some genres simply take precedence over the rest.

If you’re into your psychological thrillers then chances are high that Surface had you totally hooked from the beginning.

Created by Veronica West for Apple TV+, it began premiered back in July and fans have been treated to new instalments each week.

Speaking of which, how many episodes of Surface are there in total?

Surface trailer | Apple TV YouTube

How many episodes in Surface?

Surface is made up of eight episodes in total.

The eighth and final instalment is scheduled to premiere on the platform on Friday, September 2nd 2022.

For those who are yet to tune in but wanted to know how long the journey is, the show follows the character of Sophie (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who in the wake of personal tragedy finds herself grappling with severe memory loss.

Struggling to recollect things that recently happened to her, she gets to work on unearthing what has put her in this situation.

Is Surface renewed for season 2?

No, Surface hasn’t been renewed because it has already been established as a mini-series.

As a limited series, the writers approached the project as a one-and-done story, so episode 8 will offer fans a conclusion.

Superfície |Trailer oficial |Apple TV+

Superfície |Trailer oficial |Apple TV+

"De certa forma, também é esse presente"

Veronica recentemente sentou -se com ScreenRant e foi questionado sobre os elementos que a inspiraram a trazer o projeto para as telas:

“Eu acho que tudo se resume à premissa.Eu estava procurando uma situação que pudesse nos levar a alguns caminhos muito sombrios e torcidos, e essa ideia de que o cérebro de Sophie foi essencialmente reiniciado por essa lesão, é realmente uma coisa terrível acontecer, mas de certa forma é esse presente ".

Ela acrescentou: "É uma segunda chance para ela escrever todos os seus erros ou evoluir para outra pessoa e é uma segunda chance para todos os que estão ao seu redor moldam a narrativa do relacionamento deles no que eles queriam que fosse".

Não apenas isso, mas "agora, isso é algo que pode voltar a se sentir desonesto a Sophie à medida que a temporada continua".

A superfície está fluindo exclusivamente no Apple TV+.

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